Valentine Week Special: Life is a journey and love is a never-ending Promise


Most of the couples feel that life is a journey and love is a steady harbor where they can rest, rejoice and find solace. However it is a misconception, love also signifies a journey of emotions where a couple enjoys the crux of romance and bonding. Love is not a photo frame, it is more or less like a flowering plant, it has its seasons, and it has its reasoning. It has its own high and low points. Most of the couples often try to stabilize and standardize a love relationship, this is the time when they commit a serious mistake that leads to serious problems like Conversation coma and boredom.

The culmination point of love is cyclic

Have you ever thought that what are the two culmination points of a love bond? Broadly we can define peak points of an emotional cycle and a biological cycle as the culmination point of the love cycle. A love cycle ends between a couple and finds new germination with time because as human beings we are prone to certain animalistic instincts. These instincts force us to search for relationships where we can feel comfortable and enjoy some pleasures that are necessary for a healthy life.

I promise to be with you during the ups and downs of this love cycle

The significance of the “Promise Day” in Valentine's Week signifies this variable and volatile nature of love. It is very important to understand the fact that love is variable, it keeps on changing, love is a harbor, it is true, but love should be weatherproof. The promise day of valentine's week can act as a great reminder where a couple can have a look at the biological and emotional cycles from an objective point of view and settle the things.

The variable nature of the emotional and biological cycle may lead towards wrong ends

Have a look at it from the point of view of a biological and emotional cycle. The emotional cycle sometimes wants freedom; it wants to explore new personalities and companions that can add a new flare to life. The biological cycle on the other hand needs a release of the panted up energies.

Emotion and biological need for mating are interconnected, a couple needs to share a synergy in the terms of emotional and biological cycles. The feeling of love can be considered as a road where biological cycles and cycles of emotions find a confluence point. This is why on the “promise day” of Valentine's Week, a couple should make a promise to each other that they will support and entertain each other during this upheaval caused by the intersection of the biological and emotional cycle.



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