Valentine Week Special: Go for a digital Detox and make the best of this Valentine Week


The onset of the pandemic has taught us the art of living in an isolation. However, at the same time, some of us became addicted to social media pages and applications. This addiction is now hampering the life of people in a negative way when they are trying to restore their normal routines. This addiction to social media is harming our life in a never before way when we are trying to restore it under a new normal dictated by the aftermath of the Pandemic. The lovers seeking to express love during this Valentine's week are finding it difficult to execute their plans because of this new normal. They think that digital mediums can compensate for the pangs of distance, however, on the other hand, digital mediums are creating a new set of pangs for them.

Virtual reality is not real, it is a half baked version of the truth

Virtual reality can provide you information, it can stimulate your senses, but it cannot gratify them. The best of the images showing Chicken Pizza cannot satiate your hunger, you need to have a bite of a real pizza for that. The same principle is applicable the love relationships. Virtual proximity is not an answer, Human beings need more, they need hugs, cuddles, and occasional naughty moments to enrich their memories. An outing during Valentine's week can be the best bet for you. Valentine’s week demands gratification, it brings a culmination to various stimulations. A digital detox will allow you to make the best of this week and add a new spark in your love life.

Digital stimulations can consume your time which should be dedicated to the real action

Digital encounters are only ice breakers or mood setters. The real fun of romance unfolds itself in the second round when individuals come together to spend quality time with each other. Digital distractions can sometimes rob away this quality time from a couple. The omnipresence of digital signals never leaves you alone, they can hamper your mood during the quality time that you are spending.

A digital detox during this phase can allow you to focus more on the experience part of the encounter rather than the virtual part of the exercise.

A digital detox will make sure that you are giving undivided attention to your partner, this undivided attention will not only convert your time with him or her into quality time, but also help you in experiencing the best gift of God has given to us. THE FEELING OF LOVE and BEING LOVED by someone.

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