Love is yet another job that needs consistent attention because it is a Karmic Debt


Have you try to reason it out that why we fall in love with someone at its place. Have you ever realized that reciprocation of love always defies logic, we often set prototypes of a probable lover or beloved, however when the magic of love captures us we forget everything and fall for the flow of the love?

This is why it is my strong advice that please comes out of the romantic notions shared by candy-floss novels and Hollywood films based on Chick lit, just come out of all those heavy words inscribed in classical love stories. Love is far deeper than them. On second thoughts stop reading all those blogs and articles claiming that they can teach you the “tricks of love.” Love is not a trade and anything like “tricks of love” doesn’t exist”.

Love is not philosophy; it is plain and simple physics of Gravity

When love calls, it calls; you cannot prevent it from flowing into your veins. It has the power to capture all your senses. You cannot plan it if flows in a natural progression towards you. All you need is to identify the signals.

We can divide this world into two types of individuals. We hate some people for no reason and we get attracted towards some people for no reason. Yes, it is true, just spare some more time on these words, reread them, close your eyes and think about the first reaction, when you met with a person when he or she was a rank stranger for you. You will realize that a streak of prejudiced notions was ruling your heart at that time. Love is consistent energy that rules the subconscious part of our brain and regulates the acts that we are doing, it is a binding factor between the bodies of the universe. While talking about love, we cannot negate the importance of hatred, just like love, hatred is a strong emotion and it should be respected with equal tenacity.

Love is a Karmic Debt

Many individuals feel that love is a Karmic debt, the feeling of love has its roots in our previous births, and the concept of twin flame and soul-mates also confirms the same theory. If love is a karmic debt then it should support us in living a better life. If you are a believer of the thought that “whatever happens,” happens for good then the writings on the wall are loud and clear. Respect the emotion of love and hatred with equal tenacity. Translate them into the energies that are conducting your day to day life. For instance, if you are feeling enmity with someone, then work hard to make yourself strong so that you can combat with him. Similarly, if you are feeling love for someone, then again work hard so that you can find yourself in a position to make better changes in his or her life.  

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