The need for “social media distancing” in the “post epidemic world”

The onslaught of the pandemic forced us to follow the norms set by social distancing, many individuals tried to compensate for it with the help of “social media outlets.” Now when we are recovering from the woes of a cruel pandemic, the aftermath of the pandemic is giving rise to a new disease. Experts gave it the name of “isolation caused by excessive use of social media.”

Social media is far from reality

Social media increases our connectivity with the people, but at the same time, it restricts our communication. For instance, an emoticon bearing a symbol of heart and pout can be interpreted in several ways. This leads to a misinterpretation and creates a fantasy land for an individual. It can trigger certain emotions like love and friendship in a sensitive individual. In the long run, these sensitive human beings can found themselves in emotional crisis and invite serious problems like “clinical depression” and “development of suicidal tendencies” forced by isolation in the real world.

You like someone’s voice on phone, it never means that you will like his or her figure and smell in the real world. A photoshopped image flashing a face in the filtered artificial lights can never give us an idea about the real looks of a person. It is very important to understand the fact that the real-world gives us more “fields of judgments” to form an opinion about a person.  Social media is a restricted medium and it allows a person to cover up the weaknesses while projecting a perfect and smart picture.

Understand the concept of social media distancing

The latest researches proposed by psychologists across the world are now promoting an alternative path. This path suggests that bring down the role of social media and other networking tools to maintain connectivity with any person. The exercise of the personality exploration and checking of the compatibility should be dependent upon the real-world experiences that you share with a person.

This is why the concept of social media distancing seeping in. More and more individuals are cutting down their time on social media and utilizing it for a real-world experience with the same person. According to them, it is necessary to ensure successful relationships and long-lasting bonds with individuals, when you are seeking friends or romantic liaisons.

Never forget, real-world experience with your friends and beloveds will add to some sweet and tangible memories. At the same time, digital outlets like social media on the other hand can leave you in a bitter tizzy once the bubble of “digitized personality” will burst and you will find a fake individual.

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