Stereotypes of immunity by Mass Media and your lifestyle

Stereotypes of immunity by Mass Media and your lifestyle

Let’s start it with a cliché, what are your new year's resolutions? I am sure most of you will say that we are the ultimate survivor of a deadly pandemic and now we are all set to focus on our physical strength and immunity, some of you might even think in the terms of getting a stronger and shapely body. Females, in particular, will resolve that this year they are going to change a few things about their looks with the help of strict diet charts and honest exercise regimes.

A victim of mass media frenzy under the capacity of a passive user of the information

In the first paragraph, I asked a cliché question and wrote some cliché answers. These cliché answers are an outcome of the “relentless efforts of mass media and marketing companies” that are selling health products in the form of medicines, tonics, healthy foods, gyms, and other machines. Most of the consumers are acting as a passive user of the information. The term passive user of the information has its roots in the ongoing culture where most of the netizens are just googling to find an answer for certain questions and get an answer which is doctored by SEO machinery.

There is no doubt to the fact that the internet has emerged as a strong medium for spreading knowledge. However, we cannot ignore the fact that mass media is utilizing SEO tactics to sell certain products on the internet. To achieve their vested interests, SEO machinery is crafting messages with a strong “call for action” in the favor of some inferior or phony products. It can be compared with a delicate brain wash with the help of subtle “adver-teasing ( advertising)” in the disguise of blogs and experts opinions.

Have you noticed the shift towards immunity??

During the post-pandemic days, a certain protein supplement company was promoting its products as a great way to attain energy for exercising. They were promoting their supplement as a catalyst on the path of great body to transform a customer into a bodybuilder. The onset of the pandemic forced this company to change its advertisement, now this company claims that it can help an individual in restoring or gaining great immunity against various diseases.

This clearly shows that the company is making phony advertisements, they are just selling a “feel good factor” attached to a nutrition supplement, in the pre-pandemic world, this feel-good factor was associated with “strong body physique,” now when the times have changed, and they are promoting the same product as a means to attain good immunity.

You cannot earn immunity overnight

The process of acquiring immunity is a long one, it is less about nutrition and more about exposure to the forces of nature. It is a penance where you are required to return towards nature and sacrifice luxuries promoted by marketing machineries. Always remember designer supplements and tailor- made products cannot bring you closer to immunity. The extreme use of these immunity boosters can also become a source of problem for you, never forget that we are living in a world where a senior doctor is claiming that “in the year 2050, the deaths caused by antibiotic resistance will be more in comparison with the deaths caused by cancer and other deadly diseases. The moral of the story is loud and clear, stay natural and avoid the trap of “synthetic immunity”.


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