Romance is necessary for a better life, fall in love to feel the other side of the logical rainbow

William Shakespeare redefined or probably invented the term “Romance” for the current generation when he created all those amazing scenes depicting a “mental intimacy” among the couples seeking “peer-bonds” that can lead to a physical relationship. “Romeo and Juliet” and “As you like it” are an example of romance where couples fantasize about the moments that “they never have, but they can have.” Both the tales are an immortal and inspiring new set of dreams and fantasies among the natives of new generations. Now, this is what we call the “sheer power of unadulterated romance.”


Let’s put some logic in it with the help of an Ink-Blot test

The technique of Ink-blot test was developed in the year 1921, a group of psychologists developed some ambiguous images to evaluate the mental condition of various patients. Patients were shown some ink-blots marked on a paper, individuals with negative or disturbed mindsets either find them distorted or horrible, at the same time, individuals with a positive mindset figured out symmetric and soothing patterns in the same ink-blots.

Mental intimacy for “soothing and symmetric” patterns  

During the phase of a romantic interlude, a couple joins the ink-blots of the signals given by the other partner in the asymmetric and soothing pattern, for instance, an emoticon showing heart shape coming from the side of your romantic partner carries a different meaning when you compare it with the emotional impact of the same emoticon on various other posts.

The notions of “colors appearing brighter, breeze cajoling the senses, proximity with the unknown horizons of nature and the search for the other side of the rainbow are all positive impacts that romance can cast upon you. They are not flimsy; they are real because you are living them. They are real because they are enforcing a flow of positive hormones in you. It is your universe where you are a hero or heroine and you have all the rights to live in this “romantic paradise.”

Enjoy the phase and keep aside the logic and reasoning  

Romance is sheer madness, please acknowledge this fact and move ahead in life. Consider it as the next level of childhood fantasies. A romantic interlude is a blessing. Enjoy this phase of life without any hindrances; allow this phase to discover your taste in the field of fine arts. Understand, every romantic feeling, shows that you are an artistic individual. It shows that you have a special personal side attached to you. Nurture this personal side of yours. Stay a daydreamer throughout your life; wait for that romantic partner to hit you at the right spot. Search individuals and scan them internally on the quotient of “mental intimacy.” Try to figure out that method in your romantic madness.

Mental intimacy leads to mental expansion and personality development

Romancing someone in your dreams or accommodating someone in your wildest dream nurtures your emotional faculty; it forces you to look at yourself from an objective point of view. It stimulates your brain to develop a new positive perspective about life. Never forget, most of the cosmetic companies, fitness solutions, and means of entertainment are thriving because people across the world are seeking products that can feed and satiate their romantic needs.

Love yourself because you are romantic

Romance is an intoxication that allows us to explore the beautiful side of the existing and ugly world where we are living. Mental intimacy is a kind of mental engagement; utilize it to bring some positive changes in your personality. There is no harm in living a “make belief” world where you are acting as a protagonist of a love story. Feel positive about yourself and explore yourself in this new wonderland,


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