Morena Hooch Tragedy: More spurious liquor sized in the agricultural land


Morena Hooch Tragedy: More spurious liquor sized in the agricultural land

It seems that the death of 21 people (still counting) is only the tip of the iceberg in a “spurious liquor case” in Morena, Madhya Pradesh. Initially, it was assumed that the procurement and supply of the spurious or duplicate liquor are confined to two villages under the name of Manipur Prithwi and Pahawali.

A dramatic turnaround that unfolded the mystery of an organized “Boardwalk Empire”

Yesterday, the search operations of the police met with a dramatic turnaround when a resident, a teenage boy came out and helped the police in seizing illegal chemicals, counterfeit bottles and duplicate stamps of many popular Indian Made Foreign Liquor ( IMFL) brands,  hidden in the agricultural fields adjoining to both the villages. The quantum of materials like “raw alcohol” “empty bottles of popular liquor brands” and “forged stickers” is alarmingly high. It certainly indicates a well-organized racquet working for the procurement and distribution of country-made liquor at a cheaper rate.

The next move of the opposition party on the issue is well anticipated

Opposition party Congress is looking at Morena Hooch Tragedy as an opportunity to expose the illegal liquor trade in the state. During previous By-Elections, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamalnath raised the issue of the existence of “parallel liquor Mafia” in the state. This issue was raised to an extent when it became a key point of their election campaign. Now the main opposition party in Madhya Pradesh, is all set to connect “Morena Hooch Tragedy” with “Ujjain Hooch Tragedy,” it is expected that the Congress party will make some aggressive moves to raise this issue in the coming days.

Many experts in the field of administration are connecting this organized syndicate of “country-made liquor” with the ongoing taxation policies of the government. According to them a high variance of price in comparison with the neighboring states is prompting local vendors to procure and sell country-made liquor on the pretext that they are  “pure but selling smuggled liquor”.



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