Morena Hooch Tragedy: The death toll is rising, so is the geographical boundary of the crime


According to the latest reports, the death toll of Morena Hooch Tragedy has risen to 24, it is expected that by the evening this number may increase further because of the unstable condition of some patients who were admitted to the city hospital of Morena and super specialty hospital of Gwalior. Quite surprisingly the latest additions in the death toll are not from the village of Padhavali and Manpur Prithawi. This fact increases the sensitive and pervasive nature of the crime even further.

Padhavali and Manpur  Prithawi shares a geographical distance of 25 kilometers. The primary investigations in Padhavali indicated a well-established and organized marketplace for “country-made” liquor which was flourishing for the last three or four years. This area was supplying “country-made liquor” to many other parts of Morena, Bhind, and Gwalior district. Under these circumstances, the prevention of the distribution of a supposed spurious consignment of “counterfeit liquor” has become a big challenge in front of the authorities.  Right now Police force is following the footprints of this distribution network to eradicate the chances of any further damages.

The revelation of this fact is certainly going to give some sleepless nights to the investigators because many villagers in Padhavali believe that unused consignments of the same liquor can cause further damage because of their distribution in various other parts of the district.

The issue of “Hooch tragedies in Madhya Pradesh” is bringing a storm in a teacup because many media houses have connected it with the “Hooch tragedy of Ratlam in May 2020, “Hooch Tragedy of Ujjain,” three months ago, and now “Hooch Tragedy in Morena” where the death toll is rising.   

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has made it clear that he is intolerant about “Hooch tragedies” in Madhya Pradesh and strong means of prevention will be employed accompanied by strong punitive actions. Right now, the prevention of the distribution


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