Marketing in Post-epidemic India: Tiles market trends in 2021


Political hostility of the countries of the world against China, Italy’s inability to resume the tiles production facility again, and rampant spread of Herd Immunity in India are interconnected. We can consider them as three important factors that can play a crucial role in setting up the trends for the tiles market in 2021.

The veterans in the Indian tile market are anticipating that this year India will be able to leave a mark in the international tiles market because they have this opportunity to fill in the vacuum caused by the involuntary exit of China and Italy from the competition. This edition of “Dinesh-Neeti” captures the viewpoint of Entrepreneur Mahesh Sheth over various issues and shares his forecast about the trends that may rule the Indian Tiles market in the year 2021.

Its boom time for the Indian Tiles Market

Entrepreneur Mahesh Sheth recalls the phase of the recession that started after the process of demonetization. He states that the ripple effect of demonetization hit us hard, after the initial boom in sales for the six months, the sales figures rocketed down to an all-time low.  Lockdown in the year 2020 added nails in the coffin; it was the time when both production and sales touched the mark of zero. However, the year 2021 is the year of reincarnation, A boom caused by the natural cycle of “Bust” Recession and “Boom” will change the momentum of the tiles market.

Mr. Mahesh Sheth, an entrepreneur in the field of tiles market in India holds a lot of currency when it comes to predicting consumer behavior. He asserts that this year, the equations of demand and supply will favor the manufactures quite drastically. The period of the lockdown has created a “panted up” demand for the tiles. Mr. Mahesh Sheth believes that during the first six months of the year, the demand for the tiles will exceed the supply, it will help the retailers in covering up their losses and manufacturers will be able to restart their production facilities under a “just in time” inventory because the flow of the demand will give them a clear idea.

What types of designs will rule the market?

Entrepreneur Mahesh Sheth is very clear about it, according to him, in the post-Corona world, individuals want to add colors into their life. They want to redesign the walls and floors in natural themes. This indicates that digital prints carrying the theme of nature will dominate other designs.

We are optimistic that tile makers of India will take note of this sound piece of advice which can be equated to a forex signal because of the Credentials earned by Mr. Mahesh Sheth.



Indian tiles market is shaping up differently under the norms set by the “new normal” in the post epidemic era. If you are a tiles manufacturer then revitalize your 2021, marketing plan with digital tools of promotion. Contact at 9321131381, 9821131381.


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