Long-lasting bonds forced by the desire for “mental intimacy”

There is a difference between “physical attraction” and “mental intimacy”

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, men seek for physical intimacy and women craves for mental intimacy”. Above mentioned statement has become a cliché to describe the behaviors of males and females when they form love bonds and relationship with each other. However, the latest studies say that the concept of mental intimacy has powerful impacts on the desire to share a physical relationship with any person.

The craving for more mental intimacy gives rise to romantic feelings

Some of us might feel miffed while looking at the couples sharing endless trails of “sweet little nothings” and “ WhatsApp messages etc.” If you are one among them, then you are certainly missing some of the finest pleasures of life. Sweet littile nothings and adorable messages are a manifestation of the desire for mental intimacy between two individuals. Romantic feelings act as a catalyst to create more opportunities to strengthen mental intimacy. The feeling of romance sometimes acts as bridge between the desire for “physical intimacy” and “mental intimacy.

The feeling of love can be compared with smoldering charcoal emitting its heat gradually in the fireplace of the heart while fidgeting with the heartbeats of an individual to kill a vacuum raising a storm in the body. Romance is essentially about the mental intimacy which you can share with a person or you wanted to share with a person. Physical attraction is time-bound, they are dependent upon the panted up energy stored in the body.    

Mental intimacy is powerful and long-lasting

Physical love never prompts you to find some situations where you can release your energy. In the absence of a proper release, it can cause detrimental impacts on your body and psychology. It is tangible and real, trust me tangible things can cause more pain.

Mental intimacy on the other hand ignites your brain; it allows you to explore your worth. The feeling of Romance allows you to expand your imagination, it positively activates your brain by forcing a consistent dopamine effect over the brain.

The bonds forced by mental intimacy stand longer because they takes a person into a comfort zone of emotions without any effort. When the company of the other person becomes the most enjoyable experience amidst the hustle-bustle of life. Romantic feelings caused because of the desire of mental intimacy develops various types of neural networks in the brain of a person and these neural network ensures a long-lasting bond where factors like tolerance and lack of boredom support the bond even further.

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