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 How long does it take to leave the first impression?

 The answer is 30 seconds; you only have 30 seconds to leave a first impression. Most importantly, you cannot control the emotions or person during the first 30 seconds because it is an impulsive act. Most of the researchers conducted various researches to figure out the mechanism, triggers and causative factors behind the phenomenon of the first impression stated that the exterior appearance of a person can draw attention; it cannot influence the first impression. 

The proverbial “first impression is the lasting one” may have its roots in Karmic Theories 

According to many aura readers, whenever a person looks at the other person for the first time, the interaction of auras takes place for the first few seconds. This interaction decides a flow of vibration between the two individuals. For instance, most of us have experienced hot or familiar vibrations from the side of an unknown person. It is an indication that the auras of both individuals are in synchronization. At the same time repelling auras can create animosity among two individuals for no substantial reasons.  

Rationality denies the existence of the first impression because it sounds flimsy 

Logical minds or rational people often deny factors like an aura, cold and friendly vibes, according to them, the first impression is dependent upon the likes, dislikes, and perceptions earned by a person during a lifetime. This theory says that our first impressions about a person are an outcome of our world view and past experiences in life. However, this theory fails in the case of kids, kids get impressed with strangers for no reason. 


“Love at first sight, “Basic Instincts” and first opinions can be defined with the help of “Karmic theories associated with the first impression.  

In general, it has been observed that most long-lasting love relationships start at the point of the first impression. The concept of “love at first sight” also signifies the theories associated with the first impression and the interaction of the auras of two individuals. 

In the absence of proper logic and reasoning, it can be said that we get attracted to strangers because we were connected to them in the previous birth. On a conclusive note, it can be said that the first impression is the lasting one, and human beings have no practical control over the feelings of others. It has a bearing with the previous life deeds and rapport that you have shared with the same a person in your previous births. 


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