Welcome the “Post Coronavirus world” with “Old World Charm”

Many experts believe that the present spree of consistent lockdowns acted as a regressive factor for the economy. The impacts of this lockdown are visible, they are measurable. We can apply various numeric calculations. Many experts in the economy also talked about the socio-economic impacts of Corona.
Sweet are the uses of adversity, watch Schidler's list and see how workers should be treated and how real profits can be earned. 

World media has thousands of stories to share with us. Let me tell you about my personal choice in the field of literature, I am very fond of the literature which was produced during the era of Second World War, who can forget “The Pianist” or “Schindler’s List.”  I consider them among the most inspiring tales that I have ever witnessed.
Read this book to witness the tale of a lockdown, as it happened in the era of World War II

Have you read Anne Frank’s immortal novel “A Young Girl’s Diary.” If you think that you are tired of this lockdown then think all over again after reading this novel. This novel captures the tale of a young girl, she was a Jew, her life was under the line of fire because Germans were handpicking Jews and killing them. This tale will tell you that what exactly a lockdown is all about. How deadly it can become.
Anyone suffering from Corona-anxiety can treat this book as a Corona anxiety workbook. Read all the chapters of this diary feel the darkness that this girl was facing and see how she figured out a ray of hope amidst all the darkness.
Don’t call Coronavirus anxiety helpline if you are anxious because of some psychological reasons. A cure for the anxiety caused by Coronavirus is something that is out of control for external bodies that are planning to help you. Instead, just close your eyes and think about the past, when life was relatively slower and stimulations caused by ambition and other fake objectives were out of sight.
Just transport yourself into a simpler world and feel this “Old World Love Charm” with life all over again.

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