COVID 19, the ultimate fast forward button for the evolution of “KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY”

A few months back, I wrote a blog about the emergence of Knowledge economy. I tried to establish a point that knowledge will become the capital and the rest of the things will take a back seat. I was lambasted by some of my readers. Some of them said that I am living in a fool's paradise. Others said that I am a frustrated soul because I am a zero on the scale of materialistic achievements.  
The best left-handed compliment came from the side of my English teacher, MR. P.N. Tiwari when he gifted me this book under the title “Bacon’s Essays.” This book was written in the 16th century, Bacon was a practicing lawyer in Britain, and representatives of the sovereign were very fond of him because of his intellectual powers. They often said that Sir Francis Bacon is rich because he has plenty of “wiseacres” to rule the law fraternity of Britain. The term “wiseacres” has its origin in the fact that other individuals in the court of queen were boasting of the land mass they were owning, Bacon, on the other hand, was owning intellect and minting money out of it.
Read the Essays written by Sir Francis Bacon, they can act as the guiding light for you in this Post Corona world . Trust me, these small essays can clear your head about some complex issues of the world by solving them with the help of an "old world Love Charm. 

  After the demise of Bacon, this adjective of “wiseacres” adopted a different connotation, Britons started using “wiseacre” to ridicule individuals with a radical thought process. Later on, this term “wiseacre” became a satire on individuals who were intelligent but their intelligence never supported them to earn decent money.
When I will use this term “Wiseacre” in the postcorona world, it will once again acquire the same glory because right now the businesses are heavily revolving around knowledge. Concepts like BIG DATA are facilitating a decision support system. Data analysts are deciphering consumer behavior with the help of the digital footprints of the customers.
After the arrival of the social distancing, the digital marketplace has already superseded real world market places. Consumers are trusting DIY videos and reviews written on online retail platforms. Most importantly, Coronavirus has created a physical barrier in real-world movements.
Any organization or company has a customer data is owning “wiseacres in the present world. At the turn of the previous year, critics and economists were optimistic about the growth of the virtual market. However. Within the last five months, things changes suddenly and now they are sure of the super success of online supermarkets.
After a fall in the real estate business in the post corona world, acres related to the land have lost their profitability. However, Wiseacres of the Post corona world now have a fat chance of creating a virtual real estate that has the power to influence the customers and make a fortune out of it. Before signing off for the day, I would like to thank all my readers whose consistent patronage converted this page into a “virtual real estate” and blessed me with “wiseacres.”
Now it is your turn to earn your wiseacres, so just jump into the fray and make it big in a world where simplistic “old world love charms” are back in business.  

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